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Jeevani - Promotes Proper Digestion


JEEVANI (Pack of 3)


Quarterly Pack of 3 for Diabetic Care – helps balance blood sugar levels

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  • Description

Powered with the unique and effective combination of Aloe Vera and Neem, Jeevani regulates blood sugar levels and fosters balanced insulin regulation in the body, thus helping against Type 2 Diabetes. Harde (a component of Triphala) extracts present promote proper digestion by carefully eliminating toxic elements present in the system. Aloe Vera also helps in detoxification and has anti-cancer properties, while Neem has well-known anti-microbial properties that work as a blessing for the body. A natural and Ayurvedic medicine, Jeevani is a herbal support for your blood glucose related issues.

  • Key Ingredients & Benefits

Aloe Vera – It helps improve blood glucose levels and glycemic control. Aloe Vera is known for its numerous benefits catering to overall health such as better digestion, detoxification, skin nourishment and scalp treatment etc.

Neem Extracts of neem improve the blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels and help in reducing the insulin requirement.

Harade A type of rejuvenating herb, it helps in regulating digestive system of the body and
acts as a natural detox.

  • Dosage

1-2 teaspoons daily before breakfast, with warm water.

  • General Instructions

It needs to be taken regularly for at least 20-30 days to achieve best results. Further, it is recommended to be kept in continuation for healthy balance of sugar levels.
Please take this as a supplementary product.


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