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Re-Lax - Promotes Proper Digestion


RE-LAX (Pack of 6)


Half-yearly Pack of 6 for Stomach Care – helps regulate bowel movements

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  • Description :

Re-Lax is a natural laxative which promotes proper digestion, facilitates regular bowel movements, and also provides relief from gastro-intestinal issues. It calms the stomach and helps against mild to chronic constipation and acidity. Re-Lax is a perfect blend of key ingredients such as Senna leaves, Harde (a component of Triphala), Sanchal and Ajwain. The concoction of Senna leaves and other herbs is a herbal therapy which serves as a digestive- guru and results in a settled and happy digestive system.

  • Key Ingredients & Benefits :

Senna Senna leaves, when used in combination with other herbs, acts as a good laxative
for constipation. They help in increasing intestinal mobility.

Sanchal A type of rock salt, also known as Indian black salt, works as a cooling spice in
Ayurveda and is used against many health issues such as constipation, indigestion,
heartburn, bloating etc.

Harade It is a type of rejuvenating herb that helps in decreasing stomach acidity, prevents
gastric ulcers, and acts as a natural detox.

Ajwain It settles the stomach and reduces acidity, thus preventing excessive gas.

  • Dosage:

1-2 teaspoons daily before bed, with normal water.

  • General Instructions:

For best results, it is recommended to be taken regularly for a week. In case of chronic or
severe conditions, the dosage may be increased in first week.


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